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Hulett Town Council

The Town of Hulett met on January 3, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. Present were Council Backen, Bears, Johnson, Kennah and Mayor Parsons.

Motion to approve the agenda, Backen/Bears, mc.

Motion to approve the minutes, Kennah/Bears, mc.

Kenny Rathbun reported on the RDD Phase 3 project. The permit is not at DEQ yet. There are new rules which are holding things up. He reported on the roads and curb and gutter. The sewer lift station and the infrastructure will be two different projects.

Amanda Langley, Vice President of the Chamber introduced herself and asked if the Town would like to see the chamber do any projects. Mayor Parsons suggested state flags throughout the town.

Jimmy Roberts was present to talk about metering every renter at their trailer park. Kenny Rathbun explained some of the options available. The best may be putting individual ones at each property and he would read them and bill.

Public hearing held on land sale/swap with Crook County School District. No written or oral comments. Motion to accept the financial report, Backen/Bears, mc.

Police report given.

Motion to pay general bills, Bears/Backen, mc.

Motion to pay airport bills, Kennah/Backen, mc.

Motion to pay Capital Facility bills, Bears/Backen, mc.

Motion to pay landfill closure bills, Backen/Kennah, mc.

Tire removal at the recreation grounds is complete. Total cost will be about $6,500.

Rally – Revision of prices discussed. A subcommittee will be formed.

There will be a workshop on January 8th at 5:00 p.m. to discuss water master plan. Also a meeting on January 10th at 6:00 p.m. to discuss RDD phase 3 with Council and Planning commission.

Motion to allow urban golf on March 16, Kennah/Backen, mc.

Motion to have the Mayor sign contract with the state for crack seal, Backen/Bears, mc.

House at 123 Main Street renewal is up with ADI. Discussion held, motion to not renew and make the rent be $400 a month plus utilities, Bears/Johnson, mc. Bears will put in legal ad in the paper for the bid process.

Motion to appoint Mayor Ted Parsons and Brian Kennah to represent the town as part of the Joint Powers Board for the Solid Waste Board, Johnson/Bears, mc.

Motion to adjourn.

Publish: February 15, 2024

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