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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

8:30 o’clock a.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited to the Flag.

Petition for Formation of Yellowstone L&R Ranch I&S District

The County Clerk presented and filed with the Board a Certificate of Petition for the Formation of Yellowstone L&R Ranch Improvement & Service District. Presenting that, on September 1, 2023, a “Petition to Form Yellowstone L&R Ranch Improvement and Service District” was received in the County Clerk’s Office. The Department of Revenue & Crook County Assessor reviewed the petition and verified the boundaries of the proposed district. Based off the landowner information received from the County Assessor, the County Clerk reviewed the Petition and verified that it was signed by at least sixty percent (60%) of the landowners owning at least sixty percent (60%) of the assessed property for the proposed district. The petition was signed by 38 of the 46 parcel owners which calculates 87%. The assessed valuation of the 46 parcels is $5,444,868.94, the assessed valuation of the 38 signors is $5,079,873.94 which calculates to 93%. The Petition was accepted for filing with the County Clerk’s Office on October 6, 2023.

In accordance with W.S. 22-29-109 at this time a hearing date has been set for January 3, 2024, at 2:00 o’clock p.m.

Bob moved to approve the minutes from October 3 & 4, 2023. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Kelly moved to approve the following resolution:



WHEREAS Crook County adopted the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget in accordance with the Wyoming Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act; and

WHEREAS the Board of Crook County Commissioners while preparing the Fiscal Year 2023 budget, stated that the American Rescue Plan Act Funds be used for salaries; and

WHEREAS the Board of Crook County Commissioners wished to more specifically ratify the action taken by the Budget Officer to fulfill their request; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners in and for Crook County, Wyoming that the following American Rescue Plan Act Funds received as unanticipated revenue set forth in revenue line no. 212.00.38190.00 were committed within the Fiscal Year 2023 budget to the following eligible salary lines that are non-federally or state supplemented salaries totaling $780,526.73 from American Rescue Plan Funds to County General Funds for the following budgets:

• $7,805.29 to B1 Salaries

• $46,831.60 to B2 Salaries

• $46,831.60 to B3 Salaries

• $39,026.34 to B4 Salaries

• $195,131.68 to B5 Salaries

• $15,610.53 to B6 Salaries • $15,610.53 to B11 Salaries

• $54,636.87 to B13 Salaries

• $179,521.15 to B14 Salaries

• $140,494.81 to B16 Salaries

• $15, 610.53 to B24 Salaries

• $23,415.80 to B28 Salaries

Dated this 7th day of November 2023

Board of County Commissioners in and for Crook County, Wyoming by Fred M. Devish, Chairman, Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairman and Bob Latham, Member.

State of Wyoming }

County of Crook }

Signed or attested before me on November 7, 2023, by Fred M. Devish, Chairman, Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairman and Bob Latham, Member, Board of Crook County Commissioners in and for Crook County, Wyoming.

Melissa Jones, Crook County Clerk

Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Bob moved to approve a Grant Award Agreement between Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and Crook County for $32,250.00 for the FY 2023 EMPG with 50/50 match. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Kelly moved for the Chairman to sign over a title on a 2008 Freightliner sold at the County auction on October 10, 2023, to Hladky Construction. Bob seconded all ayes motion carried.

The following monthly collections were collected:

County Clerk $13,845.25

County Sheriff $43,404.25

Clerk of District Court $3,797.50

Public Health (September) $4,043.09

Circuit Court $15,433.00

The following bills were presented to the Board:

Claimant-Description-Amount Allowed:

Total Wages and Cell Phone Stipend-$278,174.96;Thomas Lubas-Deployed Firefighter Expenses-$41,797.75;International Heavy Haulers LLC-Fire Truck Delivery-$4,000.00;AFLAC-Insurance-$2813.20;Clerk of the District Court-Garnishment-$226.00;Col. Life & Accident Ins. Co.-Insurance-$26.40;Crook County Payroll Tax Account-Withholding & Social Security-$83,316.35;Great-West Trust Company, LLC-Deferred Compensation-$3,630.00;NCPERS Wyoming-Life Insurance-$144.00;New York Life Insurance Company-Life Insurance-$379.78;WY Department of Workforce Services-Worker’s Compensation-$5,910.27;Wyoming Retirement System-Retirement-$62,537.52;Wyoming Educator’s Benefit Trust-Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance-$74,488.64;911 Supply -Shirts -$729.95;A & B Business Inc-Copies-$664.37;Alsco-Shop & Courthouse Supplies-$452.83;American Council-Training -$598.00;April D. Gill-Cell Phone Reimbursement-$45.00;Arete Design Group-Professional Services -$13,802.50;AT&T Mobility-Cell Phone-$1,079.01;Big Horn Telecommunications LLC-Parts & Labor -$565.00;Big Horn Tires Inc.-Parts & Labor-$13,447.06;Black Hills Chemical Co.-Courthouse Supplies-$766.14;Black Hills Energy-Electricity -$22.61;Blakeman Propane Inc -Propane & Tank Repairs -$2,147.49;Bomgaars-Wrench Kit -$499.99;CBH Co-op-Fuel-$33,697.43;Centurylink-E911 Telephone-$1,405.05;Christopher Martin -Benefits Reimbursements-$42.96;Circuit Court of Crook County-Recordings -$10.00;City of Gillette-Water-$7.50;City of Sundance-Water & Hard Water Fees -$1,750.64;Collins Communications-Fire Alarm Monitoring-$71.00;Continental Western Group-Policy Balance-$24.00;Contractors Supply Inc -Parts-$138.58;Croell Inc-Road Base, Concrete & Rebar-$9,031.00;Crook County Medical Services Dist.-Jail Food & Meals; DOT Physical -$5,586.17;Crook County Natural Resource District -County Funding -$17,500.00;Crook County Treasurer-Postage-$35.94;Crook County Weed & Pest-Mouse Poison -$25.00;Cummins Sales & Service-Parts & Labor -$1,044.43;Custom Auto & Truck-Service, Parts, Repairs -$4,677.75;Dakota Equipment Rental-Parts-$91.95;Danece Day-Mileage & Meal -$342.84;David J Redding -Loads of Shale -$1,400.00;Decker’s Market-Supplies-$10.68;Douglas Stevens-Professional Services -$4,287.50;Dru Consulting LLC-Consulting Services -$5,682.32;Dustbusters Inc -Dustgard Delivered-$7,143.06;Elsa Bush-Sewing Alterations -$162.50;Employment Testing -Drug Testing -$150.00;Fedex-Postage-$11.32;Fence Tech Services LLC-Contract Hauling -$6,655.07;Firepenny-Helmets-$517.12;Floyds Truck Center WY-Parts-$1,887.21;Flying Phoenix Corp-Fireworks -$7,050.45;Fred Devish -Mileage -$246.28;Fremont County Circuit Court-Copies -$2.00;Galls LLC-Pants, case & Insignia-$446.45;Gillette Printing & Engraving Co Inc-Child Support Checks & Decals-$954.00;Gillette Steel Center -Tubes-$762.00;Glaxosmithkline-Vaccines -$403.18;Gregory Trinkle-Benefits Reimbursements-$367.38;Grossenburg Implement Inc-Parts-$5,186.93;HDR Engineering Inc -Professional Services -$12,325.81;Heather Reynolds -Benefits Reimbursements-$115.38;Hollaway Bridge & Culvert Inc -Contract Work -$15,354.00;Homespun Designs -Vehicle Graphic Design -$120.00;Humphrey Law LLC -Court Appointed Attorney Fees-$573.88;JD Power-Web Blck 1000-$825.00;Jeffrey Hodge-Cell Phone Reimbursement-$45.00;JW Services LLC-Contract Hauling -$29,266.78;K&K Concrete LLC-Concrete-$3,547.00;Karen’s Delivery Co-Deliveries -$45.00;Kathleen R Allen-Per Diem-$147.50;Kelly B. Dennis-Mileage-$157.20;Kimball Midwest-Valves-$252.00;KLH Consulting Inc-Computer Services-$18,518.37;Knecht Home Center of Spearfish LLC-Tools-$388.47;Lakeview Wash & Storage -Car Washes-$158.17;Light & Siren -Light Bar-$305.00;Lindstad’s Alignment & Brake Service-Alignment -$50.00;Lubnau Law-Court Appointed Attorney Fees-$423.00;Marco Technologies LLC-Copy / Maint. Fees-$81.72;Max Robert Masters-GIS Consulting & Mapping Contract-$3,400.00;Meadowlark Trailer LLC-Equipment -$423.63;Menards - Gillette-Supplies -$1,175.70;Mike’s Equipment Service-Parts & Labor -$1,435.32;Morgan Ellsbury-Truck Lease (July & August)-$1,100.00;Motorola Solutions, inc.-Evidence Library-$246.72;National Business Furniture -Desks-$2,415.79;Norco Inc -Renewal-$541.50;North Central International Inc -Parts & Labor-$7,245.32;Peggy Boardman -Notary -$62.00;Powder River Energy Corp.-Electricity -$4,872.22;Powder River Power, Div of Purvis -Parts-$116.44;Powerplan BF-Parts & Labor-$31,823.08;Print Mark-et-Decals -$460.88;Quadient Leasing USA Inc -Postage Machine Lease -$516.99;Quality Agg & Construction, Inc-J Base & Rip Rap -$44,627.98;Quill Corporation -Office Supplies-$712.35;Range Telephone Cooperative Inc-Telephone-$13,793.48;Raquel Croell-County Website Maintenance-$500.00;RDO Equipment Co-Equipment -$9,700.00;RG Trucking-Contract Hauling -$9,189.83;Ringer Law PC-Court Appointed Attorney Fees-$3,310.00;Rocky Mountain Info Network-Membership Dues -$100.00;Rolling Metal Sinclair-Fuel-$245.84;Runnings Supply Inc-Tank & Spray -$673.95;Sanofi Pasteur Inc -Vaccines -$15,411.58;Scott Peterson Motors -Covers-$270.44;State of Wyoming-Archives Storage -$10.46;Sundance Church of Christ-Lunch-$200.00;Sundance Hardware & Sporting Goods-Parts & Supplies-$524.87;Sundance State Bank -Direct Deposit Fees-$21.20;Sundance Times-Ads, Legal-$3,035.34;Svoboda Trucking -Contract Hauling-$25,615.02;The Home Depot Pro-Parts-$1,804.48;Thos Y Pickett & Co Inc -Contract Payment -$6,000.00;Top Office Products, Inc.-Copies & Waste Kit -$492.45;Town of Hulett-Water-$62.30;Town of Moorcroft-Water-$68.68;Tracy Motor Company-Parts & Supplies-$7,740.63;University of Wyoming -Salary -$20,120.25;US Post Office -PO Box Dues -$98.00;Verizon Connect Fleet USA LLC-Vehicle Equipment Tracking -$199.00;Veto Enterprises Inc -2023 Dodge-$52,412.00;Vilas Pharmacy-Jail Meds & Supplies -$125.07;Virginia Burke -Plant Caddy -$97.92;Visa-Adobe, Internet, Supplies, Medical Supplies, Travel Expenses, Jail Cable, Parts & Labor, Postage, Straight Talk-$14,889.87;Visionary Broadband-Internet Service-$977.77;W Bar Feed & Ranch Supply -Tire Repair & Parts-$195.97;Wacers-Annual Dues-$30.00;Weaver Trucking -Contract Hauling -$12,032.42;Wendy Depina -Mileage-$163.62;Western Stationers-Office Supplies-$773.47;Whalen Consult LLC-Consulting Services -$427.08;Windstream-Telephone-$135.88;WY Department of Workforce Services-Worker’s Compensation-$884.47;WY Retirement System-Firemen’s Retirement-$468.75;WYDOT-Financial Services-Project Expenditures-$28.37;Wyoming Educator’s Benefit Trust-Cobra VSP-$21.16;Wyoming Machinery Company-Parts & Labor-$7,262.27;Wyoming Public Health Laboratory -Medical Supplies-$165.00;Wyoming Reporting Service Inc -Court Reporting -$2,757.80;Wyoming State Fire Advisory Board -Dues -$500.00;Total-$1,637,096.02;

Kelly moved to allow all bills as presented. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Kelly moved to pay WCCA in one payment of $10,114.00 for the Special Assessment – Building Loan Payoff from the Commissioner’s dues line. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Fred informed the Board of 307 First Highway Silhouettes. The Clerk will invite 307 First to attend via Teams to tell the Board more about their program.

Dan Thomas, County Assessor, Julie Altaffer, Clerk of District Court, Tammy Jundt, County Treasurer, Jeff Hodge, County Sheriff and Joseph Baron, County Attorney, were present to go over items of interest within their departments.

Tammy Jundt, County Treasurer: Total receipts were $4,228,514.34 and disbursements to the county, county boards, towns and schools were $736,725.57. In October we did 3,529 transactions. With the property tax deadline this Friday, Nov 10th, we have been busy at the counter and have been receiving a lot of property tax payments in the mail. Met with Mel and Morgan and worked on the revenue and expenditures for the County Road Report for WYDOT. This month we received the Veteran’s exemption funds for motor vehicle and property tax from DOR. I have been working with Tyler Tech technicians and other Treasurers about setting up and learning how to use more of our computer programs.

Dan Thomas County Assessor: Last month in the Assessor’s office, I attended my association’s legislative committee meeting. The SBOE is opening their rules for revision. The field crew is starting to finish up the new construction reviews for the 2024 tax year. There were 42 deeds filed with transfer of ownership last month which is down for a normal October. I am in the beginning of the year end processes and starting to look at valuing the County for the 2024 tax year. I worked with the County Attorney to complete our appeals to the SBOE as well.

Jeff Hodge, County Sheriff: presented the jail roster, tracking legislation on retirement increase looks like it will be a 5% increase on the law retirement, cost of purchasing vest has more than doubled in price since January of this year, working on the Combined Communications Dispatch Joint Powers Board Agreement for use of Crook County Flex System, dealing with issues on Forest Service property.

Melissa Jones, County Clerk: 275 titles made, 442 documents recorded, attended the Coalition meeting, Drug Free Communities Webinar, WEBT monthly meeting, Compensation Committee meeting and the Department Head meeting, worked on anther special district petition received, on liquor license applications and publication, notified and worked with entities not in compliance with the DOA, worked with Tammy & Morgan to complete the County Road/Highway Revenue & Expenditure report, tracking interim committee on election bills, worked with Joe on the accounting expectations for the KLH contract.

Julie Altaffer, Clerk of District Court: Total Receipts: $8,613.73 with $3,797.50 to the County10 new case filings 55 record searches 5 new passports and assisted 3 customers with renewal passports 3 civil appeals in process. I attended a Child Support Authority Board meeting via Teams, and I attended the Department Heads Meeting. I worked with the Supreme Court and turned over three checks to Unclaimed Property. This is to be done by November 1st of every year. We are scheduled to go live with E-Filing February 27, 2024. There will be multiple training sessions prior to the implementation of the program, which will begin 1.5 – 2 months prior. The Sixth Judicial District will all be on E-Filing by the first week of March 2024. Training is ongoing with my Chief Deputy – she is doing a great job.

Joe Baron, County Attorney: Criminal Cases in the past month: New Cases: 28, Closed Cases: 57, Current Case Load: 135, In Court: 99 times, Juvenile/Diversion Cases: 28. Civil Work: Reviewed IT Contract with KLH, awaiting their response. Advised County Officers, represented County Assessor before SBOE. Worked with Planning Department on the enforcement of Septic System rules and state regulation and law violations. Advised various law enforcement agencies. Reviewed three subdivision applications. Assisted others with easement and public road alterations. Assisted and reviewed critical access hospital proposal. Worked on establishing a Prosecution Coordinator for the State of Wyoming. Discussed changes made to the FRTA Easements with the Forest Service Attorney and awaiting their further response. Met with VOA for Title 25 gatekeeper protocols. Inquired of WDOC on implementing rules for good time credits.

County Commissioners: Bob: Attended the Fair Board and SLIB meetings, fielded calls on roads, most appreciative, spoke with Morgan about the complaints. Kelly: fielded calls on roads couple complaints that I spoke with Morgan about. Attended Board meetings throughout the county. Fred: Attended 3 Zoom meetings; 2 with BLM, 1 with Forest Service, attended SLIB meeting, had conversations with Mel, Larry & Morgan. Fielded calls on roads, appreciative of maintenance before winter.

Jeff discussed the pay off on the Flex System and asked if the monies collected from Weston County for their use of the system can be applied towards that pay off. The Board agreed that the Clerk and the Sheriff can work together to apply those amounts collected to that pay off.

Tammy Jundt, County Treasurer submitted the following monthly report of receipts and disbursements for month end October 2023:

Receipts: Property Tax $2,802,138.80

Sales Tax $172,837.38

Misc Receipts $1,112,607.10

County Auto $140,931.06

Total $ 4,228,514.34

Disbursements Towns $209,014.33

County Boards/Districts $76,378.00

State & Local School $237,394.02

DOT/DOR/Rebate $213,939.22

Redemption $ -

Total $ 736,725.57

Investments Wyo-Star $429,401.54 $ 1,521.01 September interest

Wyoming Class $3,173,289.31 $13,948.26 September interest

Dan Thomas, County Assessor, presented the following tax roll corrections: R0000400, R0007020, R0003327, R0001141, R0001150, R0001137, R0011973, R0004023, R0002999, M0013477, P0012492, R0014030. Bob moved to approve the corrections as presented. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Alex Jessen, Chairman, Tammy Jundt and Morgan Ellsbury, Members, Compensation Committee, gave a monthly report. Also present were Jeff Hodge, Julie Altaffer, Terry McNeil, Larry Schommer and Joe Baron.

Terry McNeil was present to discuss the maintenance of New Haven Co Rd. No. 164. Also present were Morgan Ellsbury, Larry Schommer and Joe Baron.

Bob moved to approve and for the chairman to sign 3 Licenses for Use of County Road or Property to Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc. on Little Missouri County Rd. No. 200. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Joe and Morgan discussed the Cooperative Forest Road Agreement between the County of Crook and the USDA, Forest Service Region 2, Black Hills National Forest, and the process/progress with the County FRTA easements. Also present was Larry Schommer.

Morgan Ellsbury, Road & Bridge Superintendent gave a monthly report.

The meeting adjourned at 12:05 o’clock p.m.

1:00 o’clock p.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

Jasmyne Bryant, Events Coordinator, Fair/Facilities, Bonnie Stahla, Director, Crook County Library, Carol Stutzman, Public Health Nurse and Katie Allen, Public Health Prevention Specialist, gave monthly reports.

Kelly moved for the Chairman to sign a Key Personnel Change letter on the Drug Free Communities Grant. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Tim Lyons, Planning Director, and Caleb Peters, Wastewater Specialist, gave a monthly report.

Present for the joint meeting with CCLUP&ZC were Jayna Watson, AICP RLA, County Planning Consultant, Ralph Goodson, Mary Yemington, Randy Leinen, Morgan Ellsbury, and Dustin Buckmiller, CCLUP&ZC members, Tim Lyons, Caleb Peters and Joe Baron. Also present were Pat Goldhammer, Cassie Snook and Monte Snook.

Jayna presented the Board and Committee with the Crook County Comprehensive Plan Task 1.0 Report.

Present for the liquor license hearing were Pat Goldhammer, JT Tullo, Cassie Snook, Monte Snook, Joe Baron and via Conference call, Pat Donahue. Also present were Jayna Watson, Ralph Goodson, Mary Yemington, Randy Leinen, Morgan Ellsbury, Dustin Buckmiller, Tim Lyons, Caleb Peters, Phil Neiman, Jim Geis and Kevin Rehbein.

After discussion, Bob moved to approve the following license with an expiration date of 11/7/2024: Kara Creek Ranches LLC dba Kara Creek Ranch- County Retail Liquor License. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Continued the joint meeting with CCLUP&ZC and Jayna Watson. The Board and the Committee decided to hold a few public comment periods in different locations throughout the County to get an idea of how citizens feel about zoning in the County. Dates to be set in January 2024.

Jim Geis was present to give an update on his septic land application. Also present were Sam Burke, Jasmyne Bryant, Tim Lyons, Caleb Peters, Tammy Jundt, Morgan Ellsbury, Larry Schommer, Joe Baron, Phil Neiman and Kevin Rehbein.

Kevin Rehbein was present to discuss updating the covenants for the Ferguson Subdivision. The Board advised him to have his attorney draw up the requested changes and bring it back for approval at that time.

Present to discuss a procedure for the collection of Fairgrounds/Facilities fees were Sam Burke, Jasmyne Bryant, Tammy Jundt, Larry Schommer and Joe Baron. It was decided for Facilities to collect fees throughout the month, present those fees to the County Treasurer at the end of the month for deposit with a statement of receipts showing what the monies were collected for. The Board will write a letter to Sundance State Bank authorizing Facilities to establish a checking account for these purposes.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15 o’clock p.m.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

8:30 o’clock a.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited to the Flag.

Josh Jundt, Resident Engineer, Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), gave an update on bridge and road projects.

Morgan Ellsbury, Road & Bridge Superintendent and Larry Schommer, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor continued their monthly reports.

Present for the monthly IT update from KLH were Tom Overstreet, via Teams, Tammy Jundt and Julie Altaffer.

Bob moved to sign a letter to Sundance State Bank authorizing the Facilities Department, Secretary Virginia Burke, Events Coordinator Jasmyne Bryant and Supervisor Larry Schommer, to open a checking account for the purpose of collecting fees. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Ed Robinson, Homeland Security County Coordinator and Charlie Harrison, Fire Warden gave monthly reports.

Kelly moved to lift the fire ban to take effect immediately. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Kara Ellsbury, Legal, and Micky Lyons, CEO, CCMSD, were present to discuss Crook County Ambulance Services Regulation.

Kelly moved to set the Crook County Ambulance Services Regulation for public hearing on Wednesday January 3, 2024 at 11:30 a.m. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 11:50 o’clock a.m.

1:00 o’clock p.m. Present were Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones. Chairman Fred M. Devish was absent, attending a virtual Forest Service meeting.

Jason Brengle, Acting Bearlodge District Ranger, USFS, Roger Connett, RER, Bridget Helms, Office Manager, CCNRD and via Teams Troy Bifulco, Vice President of Information and Technology Services, PreCorp. gave updates on items of interest within their departments.

Board openings:

On December 5, 2023 at 1:00 o’clock p.m. the Board will make the following Board appointment:

One Crook County Predatory Management District Board Member, Representing Sportsmen/Hunter – Three Year Term

One Crook County Fair Board Member – Five Year Term

One Predatory Management District -Non-Ag Member – 3 Year Term

All interested parties are encouraged to apply. Applications can be obtained from the Crook County Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 37, Sundance, WY 82729, 307-283-1323. All applications must be submitted to the County Clerk by or before December 4, 2023 at 5:00 o’clock p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 1:24 o’clock p.m. to meet in regular session on December 5 & 6, 2023 at 8:30 o’clock a.m., in the Commissioner’s Room at the Courthouse in Sundance, Wyoming.

Fred M. Devish, Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairman

Bob Latham, Member Attested: Melissa Jones, County Clerk

Publish: November 23, 2023