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Hulett Town Council

Hulett Town Council

The Hulett Town Council met on October 4, 2023 at 7 p.m. Present were Council Backen, Bears, Kennah and Mayor Parsons. Absent was Councilwoman Terri Johnson.

Motion to approve the agenda, Backen/Bears, mc.

Motion to approve the minutes from September, Kennah/Backen, mc.

Financial report was given by Clerk Bears. Audit is complete. Motion to approve, Backen/Kennah, mc.

Police – Homecoming is coming up and a few citations have been issued.

PWD – The cost estimate to repair the loader is about $12,000. The machine is worth about $15,000 retail and is 42 years old. It was suggested to purchase a larger skid steer. Pravecek was given permission to start looking. Ben reported that everything is winterized.

Motion to pay general bills, Kennah/Backen mc. Motion to pay airport bills, Backen/Bears, mc.

Tire removal report: Bill Motley stated that Lee Jay said he would take his tires back. Motley will get the town trailer and start loading them and will take them to the Belle landfill. $250 a ton.

Kenny Rathbun reported on the Phase 3 Red Devil Drive project. Plans are being designed for sewer and water. Discussion on lift station and the type to have. Everyone agrees it will be a good winter project.

Motion was made to have the Mayor sign the contract for the street dance as soon as it is received. Cost is $6,000.

Building permit for golf course 2 separate structures to be used as Air bed and breakfast. They will need two separate meters. Motion to approve, Bears/Kennah, mc.

Motion to adjourn.

Publish: November 9, 2023