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Circuit Court

Speeding – Pedro Sanchez Vilchis, Frannie, WY, 86/75, $125; Robert A. Gunn Jr., Buckkner, MO, 79/70, $113; Certain Pierreuincent, Bozeman, MT, 44/30, $100

Windshield View Obstructed – Alvin M. Rosa, Vernal, UT, $60

No Seat Belt (driver) – Randy Peters, Moorcroft, WY, $25; Pedro Sanchez Vilchis, Frannie, WY, $25

No Valid Driver’s License – Thomas Newsome, Cheyenne, WY, $140

Expired Temporary License Permit/Improper Registration – Michael Levitz, Seattle, WA, $140; Elizabeth Ham, Wright, WY, $140

Fail to Drive Vehicle Within Single Lane – Randy Peters, Moorcroft, WY, $30

Text While Driving – Ran...