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Hulett Town Council

The Hulett town council met on July 5, 2023 at 7 p.m. Present were Council Backen, Bears, Johnson, and Mayor Parsons. Absent was Brian Kennah.

Motion to accept the agenda, Backen/Bears, mc.

Motion to approve the minutes, Bears/Backen, mc.

Deanna Hummel presented her projects for Veterans and Purple Heart recipients to the council. Ideas included pole banners, memorial in the park including a small piece of equipment and the designation of a Purple Heart trail which would have to have signs. These projects would not cost the town but would require their approval. There were some concerns on the space in the park. Council said they would think about it and asked for a drawing showing the items in the park. Ben Pravecek suggested flags on businesses.

Propane bids were opened. Alderman $1.35 and Blakeman $1.55. Motion to accept the Alderman bid, Johnson/Backen, mc.

Financial report was given. Audit will begin July 24th. Motion to accept, Backen/Johnson, mc.

Police – There will be a rally meeting in Rapid on July 12th.

Public works – The sewer issue was fixed, the company finally came and fixed the aerators. The FFA would like to paint the arena. Ben will try to get the paint donated. Curbs are being painted. Warranty work on the alley behind the Corner Market has been looked at and will be repaired.

Motion to pay general bills, Backen/Bears, mc.

Motion to pay airport bills, Backen/Bears, mc.

Motion to pay capital facility bills, Backen/Bears, mc.

Motion to pay landfill closure bills, Bears/Backen, mc.

Golf course submitted a sign permit application. It is on their property, Wydot approved. A variance was granted as it was larger than normally permitted. No obstruction of view or traffic. Bears/Backen, mc.

Fence permit for Jake Barlow, motion to approve, Backen/Bears, mc.

Motion to approve building permit for Chris Bears. Building onto his existing business. Backen/Johnson, mc. Bears abstained conflict of interest, mc.


Publish: August 17, 2023