Proudly Serving the Hulet and Devils Tower Community

Hulett School Menu


May 22 – Cereal bar, cereal, apple, juice, string cheese

May 23 – Lemonade stand smoothie, cereal, Scooby snacks, strawberries

May 24 – Pancake sausage bites, cereal, mango spears

May 25 – Cereal, Goldfish crackers, peaches, yogurt

Grab N Go

May 22 – Uncrustable, applesauce, juice, yogurt

May 23 – Lemonade stand smoothie, muffins, strawberries

May 24 – Mini donuts, apple, GoGurt

May 25 – Cereal, diced peaches, yogurt


May 22 – Quesadilla, red bell peppers, fruit and veggie bar, pears, churro

May 23 – Hamburger/cheeseburger, fires, corn on the cob, fruit and veggie bar, grapes