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Sentence reimposed for man who pled guilty to aggravated assault

A Belle Fourche man has had his sentence for aggravated assault reimposed after repeatedly breaking the terms of his probation.

Myles Dillon was originally given a suspended sentence following an incident at a Hulett motel in which he allegedly beat a victim to the point of severe trauma, including kicking him in the face and striking him with a chair.

The incident occurred on August 8, 2021, outside a room in a Hulett motel. Injuries to the victim were reported to include severe trauma to the head, face and neck and a potential collapsed lung. The victim was eventually life flighted.

According to court reports, Dillon attacked the victim in several ways, including kicking him in the face with pointed-toe cowboy boots; kicking him around the head, neck and chest area; and striking him with a wooden chair, breaking the chair and wooden rail of the motel.

Dillon pled guilty to one felony count of aggravated assault and battery and one misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance. Judge Matthew F.G. Castano gave him a suspended sentence of between four and six years on the first count and 180 days on the second, to run concurrently, pending successful completion of a total of 3.5 years of supervised probation.

Dillon was also instructed to pay a total of $650 in fines.

However, Dillon appeared again in court after being accused of breaking the terms of his probation in a number of ways.

The accusations included that he was terminated from residential addiction treatment due to “behavior issues and a lack of participation”; that he was observed on camera stealing items from a vending machine; that he admitted to consuming alcohol, methamphetamine and marijuana multiple times; that he was terminated from moral reconation therapy due to lack of attendance; that he failed to answer his door for a scheduled home visit from his probation agent and failed to attend an appointment with them; and that he has failed to make any payments towards his financial obligation ordered by the court.

Judge Castano reimposed the original sentence for the charge of aggravated assault. Dillon will be incarcerated for between four and six years, with credit for time already served.