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From the Desk of House Majority Floor Leader Chip Neiman

We are on the downhill slope as the Legislature finishes its seventh week. Deadlines are approaching and debate is speeding up to ensure bills important to the people of Wyoming are heard.

Strengthening families is one of my most important priorities this session and I have been hard at work ensuring their voices are heard and we do all we can to support them with a focus on moving legislation that protects our children, helps people with medical issues receive medication they need, and saving taxpayer money.

Knowing I will be home with my family soon is getting me through this crunch time. Today, I will cover a few bills that discuss issues important to families.

SF0151 is a bill that will help our local pharmacies keep their doors open. The bill is meant to level the playing field and compel prescription benefit managers (PBMs) to be more transparent.

A PBM is a middleman that exists between the customer and drug companies. The bill will help break down roadblocks to affordable medication.

I have mentioned SF144 before, which prohibits doctors from performing procedures on children relating to gender transitioning and reassignment and revokes doctors’ licenses if they administer sex change treatments to minors. I strongly supported this bill, which protects children from making a permanent decision about their bodies that cannot be undone.

This bill went before the House Appropriations Committee, who effectively killed it. This bill passed out of committee with a “do not pass” recommendation, meaning it goes to the bottom of the list and bill deadlines will make it tough for this good bill to be heard.

SF159 is a bill that bans the State of Wyoming from contracting with companies that have boycotted fossil fuels. I strongly support this bill, but unfortunately it was not passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee this week.

I sponsored a similar bill that prevents financial institutions from discriminating against Wyoming energy companies. Although I hoped for a different outcome for these bills, I look forward to more discussion on these measures during the interim.

HB001, the supplemental budget bill, awaits further action from the Governor. I remain concerned about this bill that spends taxpayer money twice as much as it saves. No responsible family spends double their income – why should the Legislature?

SF0174 expands school choice in in the state, giving parents more options when it comes to the education of their children. The bill establishes an independent board to oversee the approval of new charter schools in Wyoming and puts accountability measures in place.

The bill recently passed the Senate and amendments were added in the House Education Committee. This bill moves school choice forward and I support this measure.

Ending on a good note, I am happy to report that HB0070, a bill I sponsored, was one of the first bills Governor Gordon signed into law during the 67th General Session of the Wyoming Legislature. This new law will provide more opportunity, latitude and freedom for families who homeschool their kids. The law becomes effective July 1, 2023.

It is my privilege to serve you as I continue to fight to ensure Wyoming remains the best place on earth. Please email me at [email protected] with your views, questions or concerns about bills being debated during this session.