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Circuit Court

Speeding – Kyle D. Williams, Newcastle, WY, 37/20, $345; Lorrie P. Lefave, Moorcroft, WY, 86/70, $140; Zane Minney, Cheyenne, WY, 79/70, $103; Elise Patton, Pine Ridge, SD, 93/75, $150; Isaac Havens, Iron River, MI, 85/80, $25; Lauren Mosher, Liscomb, IA, 88/80, $101; Joshua Frederick, Emmetsburg, IA, 89/75, $130; Vaibhav Gopisetti, Rancho Palos Verde, CA, 90/75, $135

Drive While License Cancelled, Suspended or Revoked – Jason Davis, Gillette, $440

No Seat Belt (driver) – Samantha Simmons, Newcastle, WY, $25

Fail to Yield Right of Way for Emergency Vehicle – Carter Grant Kruse, Ranchester, WY, $150

Expired Temporary License Permit/Improper Registration – Aaron Barker, Belfast, ME, $140

Weight Over Permit Limits (2001-4000) – Justin Werlinger, Sturgis, SD, $135

Use or Under Influence of Alcohol or Detectable Amount of Alcohol While on Duty or Under Control of CMV – Kristopher Jozwik, Eckley, CO, $190

Fail to Abide by Posted Closure Signs – Brian Lee Sanders, Gillette, WY, $150

No Daily Use Permit – Brian Lee Sanders, Gillette, WY, $85

Hunt, Trap, Fish or Collect Antlers/Horns on Private Land without Permission – Bill L. Remington, Schofield, WI, $450

DUI Alcohol .08% or More within Two Hours of Driving – Dana Brentlinger, Rapid City, SD, $670, 7 days jail suspended, unsupervised probation through Nov. 21, 2023