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Hulett Town Council

The Hulett Town Council met on Sept. 7, 2022 at 7 p.m. Present were Council Backen, Bears, Johnson, Kennah and Mayor Parsons.

Motion to accept the agenda, Kennah/Johnson, mc.

Motion to accept the minutes, Backen/Bears, mc.

Rally update. Note less porta potties.

Motion was made to approve the financials, Bears/Backen, mc.

Police – Working on four ordinances. Council will review.

Maintenance – Brian Garland was over and checked the alley. Fence is done at Red Devil property.


General, motion to approve general bills, Kennah/Backen, mc. Motion to approve airport bills, Backen/Bears, mc. Motion to pay landfill bills, Backen/Bears, mc.

Mayor Report: The Hulett Hardware is again interested in the town purchasing that property in the road. The Mayor reported on the Planning and Zoning commission. Residents have been contacted and are interested. The Mayor is also going through ordinances.

Old Business: 3rd reading of Ordinance 6 Series 2022, Motion to accept and approve, Backen/Kennah, mc.

Building permit for Charles Butzine on IV Bar Road, motion to approve the plat and sign it, Bears/Backen, mc.

Motion to hire Tryhydro to do the monitoring wells at the landfill, Backen/Bears, mc.

Motion to approve the building permit for wolfenspergers on Park Street, Kennah/Backen, mc.

The Mayor excused himself. Motion was made to approve a fencing permit for Ted and JoEllen Parsons, Backen/Bears, mc.

Fall Clean up will be Sept. 23- Oct. 30th, Kennah/Bears, mc.

Motion to adjourn, Kennah/Bears

Publish: October 13, 2022

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