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Crook County Fair Board

September 6

Crook County Fair Board

PO Box 473

Sundance, WY 82729

Board Meeting – September 6, 2022

Chairman Ray Marchant called the regular board meeting of the Crook County Fair Board to order at 6:03 pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Board members present: Ray Marchant, Justin Gerstner, Lonny Bossman, Amy Pravecek, Josh Franzen

Employees present: Carolyn Fowler, Ken Kary

Guests: Tanja Miller, Stacy Williams, Laurie Schwabauer, Sara Fleenor, Emmy Lou Cook, Alysa Tenke, Tyler Lindholm, Lincoln David, Brian Kennah, Bob Latham

Lonny moved to approve the agenda, Justin seconded, all ayes, motion carrie...