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Hulett Town Council

Hulett Town Council

The Hulett Town Council met on March 2, 2022 at 7 p.m. Present were Council Backen, Johnson, Kennah, McCollum, and Mayor Parsons.

Motion to accept the agenda, Kennah/Backen, mc.

Motion to accept the minutes, McCollum/Backen, mc.

Connie Lindmier discussed the possibility of the Town helping the Crook County Medical Foundation with grants. Discussion was held on how the town could help CCMF. It was the consensus of the Mayor and the council that the town should not get involved financially with the medical center.

Melissa Bears, clerk presented her financial report. Budget will be worked on.

Police – Chief Motley reported that the money found a year ago can now be released. Kennah made the motion to have it sent to the people who found it, McCollum, seconded mc. Motley asked permission to take the drive the police car to Keyhole for the Special Olympics event at Keyhole, council had no issue.

PWD – Pravecek had a quote from Superior Asphalt for IV Bar and Fawn Ridge Road. Johnson made the motion to pursue this project, Kennah seconded, mc. $10.50 summer help. Ben says he has several interested in putting in applications.

Motion to pay general bills, Backen/McCollum, mc.

Motion to approve Ordinance 1 Series 2022, Johnson/McCollum, mc.

Motion to approve Ordinance 2 Series 2022, Kennah/McCollum, mc.

Motion to approve Ordinance 3 Series 2022, Backen /Johnson, mc.

Motion to approve Ordinance 4 Series 2022, Backen/Kennah, mc.

Motion to approve the contract with Family Violence and to put $500 in budget, Johnson/Backen, mc.

Motion to sign the contract with the Water Guy for contract operator, McCollum/Backen, mc.

Motion to have a workshop on March 22 at 5:30 p.m., Kennah/Backen, mc.

Motion to adjourn, Backen/McCollum, mc.

Publish: April 14, 2022