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Crook County Sheriff's Office

Mar. 7 – Ten VIN checks. Three paper services. Traffic stop. Two motorist assists. Animal complaint. Fraud complaint. Crash report; no injuries. Business checks. Assist to EMS. Two EMS pages.

Mar. 8 – Two VIN checks. Three traffic stops. Business checks. Sundance house watches. Suspicious circumstance. Crash report; no injuries. Welfare check. Subject arrested on Crook County warrant. Sex offense. EMS page.

Mar. 9 – VIN check. Two traffic stops. Business checks. Two suspicious circumstances. Assist to Moorcroft Police. Assist to Wyoming Highway Patrol. Motorist assist. Fire page.

Mar. 10 – Five VIN checks. Two paper services. Five traffic stops. Two fingerprints. Two K-9 sniffs. Motorist assist. Suspicious vehicle complaint. Fire page.

Mar. 11 – Four VIN checks. Paper service. Five traffic stops. Sundance house watches. Business checks. Two assists to Wyoming Highway Patrol. Two fingerprints. False 911. Coroner call.

Mar. 12 – Assisted Wyoming Highway Patrol. Business checks. Citizen assist. Disturbance. Assisted motorist. Three suspicious persons/circumstances. Two traffic hazards. Seven traffic stops.

Mar. 13 – Business checks. House watches. Five motorist assists. Suspicious person/circumstance. Four traffic stops.

Mar. 14 – Nine VIN checks. Paper service. Eight traffic stops. Crash. Assisted Wyoming Highway Patrol. Assisted other agencies. Business checks. Domestic. Motorist assist. House watch. Vehicle theft. Trespassing. Welfare check.

Mar. 15 – Animal bite. Animal complaint. Business checks. Domestic. Fire. Two EMS calls. Fingerprints. Property damage. Rape. Suspicious person. Five VIN checks. Seven traffic stops. Two traffic hazards.

Mar. 16 – Alarm. Assisted Wyoming Highway Patrol. Business checks. EMS call. Motorist assist. Six traffic stops. Four VIN checks.

Mar. 17 – Alarm. Assisted Wyoming Highway Patrol. Business checks. House watches. Motorist assist. Two paper services. Prisoner transport. Five traffic stops. Ten VIN checks.

Mar. 18 – Crash. Fire page. Motorist assist. Five paper services. Prisoner transport. REDDI report. Traffic hazard. Six traffic stops. Five VIN checks. Arrest for DWUI.

Mar. 19 – Abandoned vehicle. Business checks. EMS page. Paper services. Two suspicious persons/circumstances. Seven traffic stops. VIN check.

Mar. 20 – Business checks. Coroner call. House watches. EMS page. Assisted motorist. Paper services. Prisoner transport. Public relations. Traffic hazard. Four traffic stops.

Inmates – Eight males, three females.