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Hulett Town Council

Hulett Town Council

The Hulett Town Council met on January 5, 2022. Present were Council, Johnson, Kennah, and McCollum. Absent was Mayor Parsons and Councilman Backen. Councilwoman Johnson acted as Mayor Pro-tem.

Motion to approve the agenda, McCollum/Kennah, mc.

Motion to approve the minutes, Kennah/McCollum, mc.

Financial report was given by Bears. Motion to approve, McCollum/Kennah, mc.

A resident ran into the town maintenance shop. The council instructed the clerk to turn it into her insurance.

Police report was given. Chief Motley reported that he will be giving out letters for removal of vehicles off the street. Also there will be new rule signs put up at the shooting range.

PWD Pravecek reported on that he is still getting quotes for a generator at the sewer ponds.

We need finish up the Moody land purchase. Waiting on a deed.

Motion to pay general bills, Kennah/McCollum, mc.

Motion to pay airport bills, McCollum/Kennah, mc.

Motion to pay landfill bills, Kennah/McCollum, mc.

Kenny Rathbun had a couple plats of the 27.5 acres. Discussion was held.

7:30 p.m. public hearing for comments on annexation of golf course property. No comments, Motion to approve, McCollum/Kennah, mc. Council findings were read. Resolution 1-5-2022 was read approved, Kennah/McCollum, mc.

Rathbun discussed with the council providing water to the back 9 at the golf course. Several scenarios were given. More discussion will be held at a future meeting.

A building permit was submitted by Tom Coronato for property on Mainstreet next to the building that use to be the Hitchin Post Café. Office space and living quarters on top. There will also be a basement. Motion to approve the building permit, McCollum/Kennah, mc.

Meeting was adjourned.

Publish: February 10, 2022